Search and register your  .bank domain

What is the .BANK domain?

The new .BANK domain is restricted to members of the financial services industry and will be a protected, trusted, more secure and easily identifiable space on the Internet for the global banking communities and the users it serves. The .BANK gTLD has security requirements that exceed most of the existing and new gTLDs and provides new marketing and branding opportunities.

All organizations requesting domains in .BANK must be verified by Symantec. Symantec performs business identity verification for SSL Certificates and the .BANK verification process is very similar to the Certificate Authority Browser Forum Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate validation process.

For .BANK orders, Symantec will perform the following verification steps:

  • Security Check
  • Organization, Jurisdiction, and Banking Credentials Verification
  • Verification of Domain Name Selection
  • Verification of Physical Address
  • Verification of Telephone Number (Verification of the Registrant organization’s telephone number using Symantec approved databases)
  • Registrant Contact Employment
  • Registrant Contact Authority

The verification process is conducted to ensure that .BANK registrations are only made by qualified entities.

Who manages .BANK?

fTLD Registry Services, LLC is the only registry to operate .BANK.

fTLD Registry Services, LLC was founded by leaders in the financial services community and is owned, operated and governed by banks, insurance companies and their respective trade associations from around the world. fTLD was granted the right to operate .BANK on September 25, 2014, and .INSURANCE on February 19, 2015.